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Name: Heiko WeissEingetragen am 01.02.2006 um 00:30:38
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Dear Harald,

I had problems in sending you an email so I'm trying it through the guestbook.

My question is:
Is the 2-CD-set with the Champagne music an official dutch cd release?

Regards, Heiko Weiss from Germany;-))
Name: Christian ErnstbergerEingetragen am 29.01.2006 um 17:33:36
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Hallo I´m a great Fan of Champagne. A very nice page. Is Champagne music available on CD ?
Name: Jan Vredenburg (Champagne)Eingetragen am 23.01.2006 um 17:26:02
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Dear Harald,
I just received a call from Trudy and she told me about this site.
WOW, I'm speachless and very honored.
It looks very professional en is made with a lot of taste and devotion.
I'm very proud that we have after all this years still such big fans as you are.
Thank you

Jan Vredenburg
Name: JohnEingetragen am 14.01.2006 um 20:00:39
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Hello Harald,

Just wanted to give you my compliments on this GREAT website dedicated to Champagne. It keeps the memory of this fantastic foursome alive!! Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Name: WolfgangEingetragen am 04.01.2006 um 21:52:58
Homepage: http://www.printenpromenaders.de
Hi Harald! Greetings from aachen. I think I saw your name also on pages of other Dutch artist. Very nice pag about Champagne. Keep on your good work! Wolfgang
Name: PhilEingetragen am 18.12.2005 um 22:41:17
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thankyou for the page about Champagne. At the time they were being released in Europe I was heavily getting into Europop like this. They were great, and such a pity they weren't promoted better. They would have done well here in Australia! Cheers.
Name: KlausEingetragen am 17.12.2005 um 13:45:09
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Dear Harald, what a wonderful page. The look and feel of a highly underestimated 70s-pop-act is now better documented than ever. Thank you for capturing it all! Klaus, Germany.
Name: RohanthaEingetragen am 14.12.2005 um 04:45:44
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Hi Harald,
Great to have guys like you who keep the flame burning on dutch groups like Maywood and now Champagne. I only have Valentino on MP3. Do you know where I could get Champagne's music?
Name: Harald Christoph KuchEingetragen am 13.12.2005 um 13:12:49
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Hello and welcome to my guestbook. Due to my provider an English version of this guestbook is not available. However, I am looking forward to your entries.

For those who have difficulties:

"Ins Gaestebuch eintragen" = sign the guestbook

After you entered your text you can:

"Eintragen" = send
"Felder leeren" = clear

Thank you.

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