Welcome to the 1st CHAMPAGNE-Fanpage on the web!

The group might be featured on several other websites, but this
fanpage is entirely dedicated to the group from
Rotterdam in The Netherlands.





This site has been created in English in order to reach the Fans of CHAMPAGNE worldwide.

The career of CHAMPAGNE lasted, unfortunately, not very long and thus my page is rather small.
Nevertheless enjoy it and any comment is welcome.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my thanks to Volker Mueller who has put a lot of time in scanning 
and treatment of the pictures of the record-sleeves and contributed some from his own collection. 
 Volker, you have been a great help.
Furthermore, to Klaus Stocker who contributed the Biography and the Japanese record-sleeves,
and to Bert Korendijk who sent some of the pictures (as indicated).

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