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Last month a series of DVDs of the German TV-Show
"Musikladen".was released.  "Das Beste aus dem Musikladen" (Best of Musikladen) is a 
compilation of  perfomances from this famous TV-show.  
On the first DVD Champagne is included with
"Rock And Roll Star" (originally aired 12.02.1977).
3 DVDs were released which are also available as a box-set.  
This box-set is titled Vol.1 and gives hope that further volumes will
be released, including Champagne's second performance in this show 
with "That's Life" (originally aired 17.05.1979).

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The German radio station MDR has released a series of CDs 
"Neue Oldies braucht das Land" (the country needs new oldies)
which includes songs of Champagne. 
 In January 2011 volume 1 and 2 were released and on 
"Hits & Raritšten der 60er & 70er" (hits and rarities of the 60s & 70s)
Champagne is represented with "Rock And Roll Star" on volume 1.

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In July 2011 volume 3 and 4 were released and, again, Champagne was
chosen to be included.  On volume 3 "Deutsche Hits & Raritšten der 60er & 70er"
(German hits and rarities of the 60s & 70s) appears the very rare and never before on
CD released track "Oh Me Oh My Goodbye (German Version)".
  Sofar it was only on a vinyl sampler (see discography) available.

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This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the TV-show DISCO.
DISCO was a production of the German TV-station ZDF.
In celebration of this anniversary a 4 DVD-set will be released on 11.02.2011.
However, not all shows are among the set, instead single performances
are selected and put under 4 different themes:
The Disco-Pop-Years
Disco Glitter
Dance The Disco
Dispite the fact that Champagne had only one performance at DISCO
with "Rock And Roll Star" on 02.04.1977, the clip is included on:

40 Jahre Disco:  Dance the Disco

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In January 2010 Jan Vredenburg's first book was published:
"Er zijn 12 wachtenden voor u" is about his experience as an call center agent.
The book is in Dutch language and available through internet bookstore:

For those who can get the German TV-station ZDF-Theaterkanal throughout March 2010
the German music show DISCO is broadcast.  The original airing date was 02.04.1977.
Champagne opened the show with "Rock And Roll Star".

Here are the airing dates in March 2010:

Tuesday 02.03.2010 16:40 - 17:25
Friday 05.03.2010 11:40 - 12:25
Wednesday 10.03.2010 11:40 - 12:25
Sunday 14.03.2010 16:40 - 17:25
Monday 15.03.2010 11:40 - 12:25
Friday 19.03.2010 16:40 - 17:25
Wednesday 24.03.2010 16:40 - 17:25
Saturday 27.03.2010 11:40 - 12:25
Monday 29.03.2010 16:40 - 17:25




Bert van der Wiel passed away on 29.06.2009 after a short
but severe illness.  On the occasion of his death the radio programme
"Back to the Seventies" on COMPLEET FM will air a special on 
Saturday, 04.07.2009 between 10.00 hrs and 12.00 hrs.



Very sad news have reached me.
After a short but severe illness

Bert van der Wiel

passed away on 29th June 2009.

My thoughts are with his wife Jeannette and
I wish her all the strength for the difficult time she is going through.

Trudy, Paulette and Jan
will miss him terribly.

1945 - 2009



On Saturday, 06.09.2008 Jan will do a radio interview at internet radio station
"Compleet-FM".  The interview will be between 10.00 hrs and 12.00 hrs at
www.compleetfm.nl .
Go to "livestream" and chose your player.
The 2-hours-show will be about music from the 1970s.

On 12.06.2008 Paulette will do a radio interview at internet radio station
"Het Radio Avondblad".  This radio station will be on air on Thursdays between 
20.00 hrs and 22.00 hrs at www.hetradioavondblad.nl .  
Go to "Luister Live" and chose your player.  

One part of the programme looks back on the Dutch charts from
June 1977 when Champagne scored a hit with
"Oh Me Oh My, Goodbye".

In case you missed the interview go to "Hist. Feiten" where the
whole interview will be added to the list from Saturday 14.06.2008 on.


Jan Vredenburg informed me about the latest news for the upcoming CD-release.
SonyBMG has set the release date: 19.03.2007

Oh Me Oh My, Goodbye
No Love At All
Rock And Roll Star
Kiss You Baby
Light Up My Eyes
She's As Lovely As A Breeze
Sjooh Sjooh Sugar
It Ain't No Use
Music Is My Living
That's Life
Black Jack
The Air That I Breathe
Ain't No Fun To Me
The Last Song

The artwork for cover and booklet will follow as soon as possible.

Today there are big news.  CHAMPAGNE will come back on stage.  As Jan Vredenburg
confirmed today the original group will do a tour throughout The Netherlands in theaters
during the whole season of 2007/2008 starting in September 2007.
However, the show will not consist of the music of CHAMPAGNE, but will be an entire
evening of entertainment with music, humor and a lot more focused on the 1950s.  
This is the time when the members of CHAMPAGNE grew up and all 
of them have good memories of this decade.
Within the next weeks rehearsals and promotion will start.
As soon as further details are known, they will be placed here.


On 18.11.2006 Jan will do a telephone interview on radio station radio tv west on 89,3 FM
 or go to www.westonline.nl .  The show is called "Ik hou van Holland" and will be aired from
12.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs.

On 13.05.2006 Trudy will do a telephone interview on radio station rickfm.
The show is called "Hitmuseum" and will be aired from 11.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs.
The interview will take place around 12.15 hrs.  Follow the link www.rickfm.nl .


Earlier this week I got information from Jan Vredenburg that SonyBMG
is planning to release a CD of Champagne in autumn this year.
There is no track-list, no cover and no definite release date yet available.
For futher information, please check this section regularly.